detaching from conditioned reactions from our past

we think george may have been abused by a male in his earlier days.  he’s very quiet and sweet, but he’s been known to growl at some men.  he just doesn’t trust some men.  how his past remains embedded within his brain.  his alarm turns on and he growls, but only at some men and some large dogs.  with everyone else he is the most docile, gentle, loving creature.

how interesting how our past impacts our reactions as humans too.  when i’m around someone with a bad temper, my immediate reaction is to retreat and become a victim.  when i pause, and become aware of the situation, i can stop that reaction and learn a new response.  a response that does not involve fear.  a response that allows the other person to have his space to express his emotion, but to not take his anger personally.

george is learning a new response when he senses fear upon meeting a new male.  he’s learning to pause, listen and smell…and trust that everything is going to be okay.

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