missing my yoga

the hardest part of this traveling thing is missing my yoga.   with the four dogs and a guy who loves to sleep in, i don’t want to disrupt the peace when it’s still dark outside.  so i’ve had to forgo my regular early morning practice and to create a whole different way of incorporating yoga into my daily routine.

(we don’t have internet or cell coverage in a lot of the remote spots that we’ve traveled, so i haven’t been able to post regularly.  i do miss that too.)

i’ve been practicing yoga everyday for the past eight years, and haven’t missed a day.  my yoga keeps me connected, spiritually, emotionally and physically – mind, body and soul.  but what i’m learning in this small space, is how to practice meditation lying down and how to practice yoga standing in places during the day.  when i wake early in the morning, in the stillness of the day, i love my alone time.  this is when i can be alone with my heart.

what i’m learning to do is to find moments to stretch throughout the day that are totally random.  i can practice all kinds of twists while sitting in the passenger seat of the van, and even when i’m driving, checking my blind spot, i can make super conscious, intentional moves that allow me to stretch my neck and to release any tension that i may be experiencing.  if i’m walking, i can stop and examine the petals on a flower, or the wings on a bug, and feel the stretch as i do.

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