our unique personalities

i have learned so much from our four dogs.  each has his own personality and being around them reminds me of the uniqueness that is common in humans as well.

george – our giant sized rat, is half chihuahua and half dachshund.  sweet as can be, and a total garbage disposal.  he will eat anything.  he’s only 9 pounds, but can carry a 10 pound load…seriously.  i was walking the other day with the four of them, looked down, and george had a brown paper bag in his mouth.  the bag was bigger than the dog, but he had no problem carrying it.  george has a strut.  it’s a strut that says “i’m cooler than life. and no one messes with me.”  his ears are bigger than his whole head, and he has a tail that never stops wagging.  he has short dachshund legs that bow out and bend in half when he begs, which he is very good at…

george is best at talking with his eyes.  yes. he talks with his eyes.  i mean all dogs talk with their eyes, but this guy can look deep in your eyes and say profound things like, “i know the meaning of life, let me tell you…just listen”  to “you do want to give me that carrot you’re eating, don’t you?”  george is hilarious and we will miss him very much.  george is going to be staying with tai in austin, tx, as brian is allergic to him:(  staying in the family, but living far away…we know he will be loved, and missed…

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