quieting the mind

learning to detach from my thoughts, gives me the peace to hear my heart.  in hearing my heart, i can connect to the creative energy that understands and has compassion, and provides serenity.

meditation has changed my life.  so many people think they can’t meditate, when in actuality they can…they do it everyday, with little or no awareness.  it is the awareness of the stillness when i experience the benefits of meditation, and the awareness of the connection to an energy greater than myself.

people often say ‘i don’t have time to meditate’, or ‘i can’t meditate…i’ve tried, and i can’t”;

would you find time to meditate if i told you that you’ll have better skin, that your sex will improve…and that you won’t have to think about your weight anymore?

2 thoughts on “quieting the mind

  1. I saw a wonderful video today about schools in rough areas in San Francisco that have introduced 2 15 minute sessions of meditation for students and teachers every day. It has been transformative. I agree that meditation is a must. And I love how you cannot do it wrong. Just Get Quiet in whatever way you can on a regular basis. It really is where you hear the language of the heart, as you call it. Here is the video link: http://humansarefree.com/2015/01/these-troubled-grade-school-students.html#more


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